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Coach Toni

Math Educator

Coach Toni is a full time New York City educator who has her bachelor of arts in mathematics and her master of arts in adolescent mathematics education. She is the founder of Coach Toni’s Table, a networking and connections entity and its subsidiary: Play.Math.Grow, a math coaching company.  Play.Math.Grow exists primarily to help bridge the gap between academic language and everyday language but also offers a wide range of services which include tutoring, test prep, standardized exam prep, high school application assistance, college course guidance, student life coaching and more. Play.Math.Grow has most recently released a HipHop Math Album that helps students memorize multiplication through music. Coach Toni is also the host of The Writing On The Board Podcast which delves into teacher needs during this unprecedented time and is the creator of the Lead From the Classroom Table online professional development course which helps cultivate the mentality of teachers, and not just administration, as leaders. In her spare time, she enjoys roller skating, playing the piano and spending time with her children and husband.